Get more CityVille neighbors easily!!!

As always – as it happens with most of the social games and CityVille makes no exception – we need a solid base of friends and neighbors in order to fully enjoy the game and CityVille takes things to a whole new level, turning the need for more neighbors into a necessity for progressing in the game. And this is what we’ll help you achieve in this post: get more CityVille neighbors easily!
Why do you need more neighbors in CityVille? Well, except for the fact that you can get more presents easily and increase your reputation, XP and income from visiting them, you also need them for building structures in your city, expand your borders, swap goods and much, much more. Therefore, we can say that having more CityVille neighbors is vital!

Looking for CityVille neighbors? The neighbors are very important throughout the development of the game, because they help you with your missions and get materials. Follow these steps to get neighbors:
1. Write a comment in the comment section of this article asked to add you as a neighbor.

2. Add to other users who are also looking neighbors. Click on your name to go to your Facebook profile and sending friend request.

3. Since your game sends neighbor request.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don’t use this topic to spam with your comments. Posting 5 comments in a row does NOT increase the chances of being selected (on the contrary!). Also, do NOT post e-mail addresses in the comments, nor responses to other players’ requests.

Comments will be removed regularly, making sure that only the latest CityVille neighbor requests are here. Have fun!

Remember: A good neighbor is one who helps to be helped.